"Johanna is a star of a human being because she makes being vulnerable and knowledgeable look effortless. Her artistry as a director compliments the humanity of every piece, which curates new and varied colors within the artists around her. Her formidable spirit and leadership continuously inspire me."

LaQuet Sharnell Pringle, Actor/Writer/Producer


I’ve always had an eye for stage pictures and a knack for visual storytelling. I was an actor first so I came to directing from that background. But as an actor I was always seeing the bigger picture and wanted to reframe stories from my own perspective. I get a tremendous rush out of collaborating with a team of designers to make a project come to life. I believe art should be created in the room with other artists and rarely in the solitude of my own head. Whether those artists are designers, choreographers, musical directors, playwrights, musicians or performers, I want other ideas to mix with mine and make new, more fantastic creativity blossom and come to life.

"I’ve received a callback or booked nearly everything I’ve worked on with Johanna. She is creative, knowledgeable, and endlessly supportive.  She has a unique ability to bring out exactly what makes YOU right for the part. After a coaching with Johanna I feel confident and able to have fun in the audition room – and proud of my work. I recommend her to all of my actor friends!"


Few things give me greater pleasure than helping an actor make new discoveries on their feet whether that is in a monologue, a song or some other text work. I have worked with actors to prepare for all kinds of auditions including film and TV, seasonal summer stock (like NETC or Straw Hats), Broadway callbacks, agent submissions and so many others. I have also helped many of my clients do monologue and/or song prep for graduate school auditions including choosing appropriate pieces, rehearsing them, learning to properly slate and preparing for interviews. I provide coaching both in person (in a studio) and via zoom with various package options depending on the number of sessions you book.

"Johanna was one of my coaches for graduate school auditions and I ended up having my pick of graduate schools including the National Theatre Conservatory where I was one of eight people accepted. I am always impressed by Johanna’s intelligence and artistry as well as her ability to get the best out of everyone – and all with grace and wit."

Kathleen Wallace, Actor


Central to my approach to teaching is asking students to “dare to get it wrong.” In my experience so many  actors are desperately afraid of making missteps and not being enough. They worry that they will screw up and fail in the classroom and it is this fear that holds them back and slows down their training. It makes them take fewer risks, make smaller choices and do less homework. When they realize that the classroom is a space where missteps are welcome, even to be relished, I believe the result is braver students who will have earlier breakthroughs and be on the road to not being afraid to be fully present onstage.

"Professor Pinzler’s wit and gleeful passion for work never failed to ignite my imagination. I was always excited for what we would discover together in class, and that sense of joyful collaboration never left me. She’s exactly what I was looking for in an educator, and continue to look for in my professional career."

PJ Adzima, Actor

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