I’ve received a callback or booked nearly everything I’ve worked on with Johanna. She is creative, knowledgeable, and endlessly supportive.  She has a unique ability to bring out exactly what makes YOU right for the part. After a coaching with Johanna I feel confident and able to have fun in the audition room – and proud of my work. I recommend her to all of my actor friends!


– Jennifer Bissell, Actor, http://www.jenniferbissell.com




Johanna’s vision as a director is quite extraordinary. Before setting foot in the rehearsal room she has a vivid image of what she wants to create and passionately sets about achieving it. Yet where other directors fail her true skill is communication; her vision transcends the company through her ability to listen to her actors. Johanna is a director who really knows how to assist an actor in developing a character. She manages to give the perfect level of input which is neither too much as to be dictating nor too little as to feel abandoned.


– Drew Mason, Actor


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Johanna Pinzler on many of my concerts and readings/workshops where I watched her get bold, daring, honest, funny, powerful and poignant performances out of top-notch Broadway and West End performers. Johanna’s mix of passion, knowledge, collaboration, storytelling ability, and a soothing sense of humor makes her the complete package, ready and willing to create greatness. 


– Bobby Cronin, Composer/Lyricist, http://www.bobbycronin.com

      Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder     

Johanna is a director who truly understands the collaborative process.  My work has always benefitted from her thoughtful notes and honest feedback.  When working on my one woman show, The Chat and Chew Supper Club, Johanna served as both a director and acting coach, helping me evolve as both a performer and as a writer.


– Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder, Playwright/Actor http://www.wilderwriting.net

Johanna was one of my coaches for graduate school auditions and I ended up having my pick of graduate schools including the National Theatre Conservatory where I was one of eight people accepted. I am always impressed by Johanna’s intelligence and artistry as well as her ability to get the best out of everyone – and all with grace and wit.  


– Kathleen Wallace, Actor, www.KathleenWallace.com

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